Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The Quest To Find a New Face for Glee Begins!

Do you know what the winner will walk away with?

Do not confuse yourself by thinking that The Glee Project is a sequel to the musical show, Glee. Robert Ulrich picked up the contestants. They were then given the tasks and assignments they are to do, thereby kick-starting the show.
But, before we get down to talk about the show, you must answer what I asked you earlier. Do you know why The Glee Project has been staged?
Well, in case you do not already know, allow me the honor to tell you that the winner of The Glee Project will join the cast – yes, the actual cast – of the original show, Glee. The winner will appear in seven episodes of Glee’s season 3!
Now there would be someone who would eagerly watch The Glee Project online, someone other than the die-hard fans. And, that someone is none other than Mercedes!
 Played by Amber Riley in Glee, the character would get her love interest, that is, if the winner of The Glee Project turns out to be a male!
Now, these things are not spoilers; they are merely what you should know before you think to download the show!
Having said that, nothing I say right now would stop you from downloading the episodes of this brand new show.
The Glee Project couldn’t have arrived at a better time. We have just finished off watching the second season, and there are so many things that fans still want to know more about!
With The Glee Project on air, it would at least serve us with a possible – and a small – layout of season 3. We are anxiously waiting for the new season to arrive! There’s just one nagging question at the back of my mind. What if the winner turns out be a female?

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